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Bike Tarakcı has been appointed as the Human Resources EVP for Alternatif Bank

20 December 2023

An important appointment was made to senior management of Alternatif Bank, sustaining its operations for more than 30 years with its Consultant Banking approach. Bike Tarakcı, having international experience in this field, was appointed to the position of Human Resources EVP in the Bank. Tarakcı, who will undertake management of all human resources functions and operations of Alternatif Bank, will take office upon provision of legal approvals by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA).

Alternatif Bank CEO Ozan Kırmızı made the following remarks about the appointment: “As Alternatif Bank, it is critical for us to improve and reinforce our human resources as we progress toward our future goals. We shape our policies in this area based on listening to the voice of our employees and offering a more efficient and healthier work environment to them, and we act with the awareness that sustainable success can be achieved only this way. I sincerely believe that the corporate culture of our Bank, focusing on people, will be reinforced and improved under the leadership of our new EVP Bike Tarakcı, who joined us.

Bike Tarakcı, having been appointed to Alternatif Bank Human Resources EVP position, made the following remarks with regard to her new assignment: “I am excited and delighted to join Alternatif Bank family, one of the leading actors in the sector with its people-oriented approach. I fully believe that we will continue strengthening our employer brand and corporate culture, and developing our human resources with current and innovative practices in collaboration with all of my team mates in Alternatif Bank, which places emphasis on growing with its employees.”

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