Earn as you spend with Alternatif Bank Bonus!

  • A Chance to Earn Bonus as You Spend
  • Instalment Opportunity at Bonus Merchants

What Is Alternatif Bank Bonus?

Earn bonus as you spend with Alternatif Bank Bonus and enjoy discounts and exclusive campaigns!

Alternatif Bank Bonus is Turkey’s first chip credit card which offers ease of shopping in thousands of points of sale with VISA/Master Card logo in Turkey and abroad, lets you earn bonus as you spend and use your bonus as money in your purchases.

Alternatif Bank Bonus Product And Service Fees

You can see Alternatif Bank Bonus product and service fees in the table below.

Product And Servicee Fee Table

Card Type
Primary Card Fee
Additional Card Fee

Alternatif Bank Bonus Card
60 TL
30 TL

Alternatif Bank Bonus Plus Card
65 TL
32,5 TL

Alternatif Bank Bonus Premium Card
75 TL
37,5 TL

Alternatif Bank Bonus Platinum Card
95 TL
47,5 TL

Alternatif Bank Uygun Card

Frequently Asked Questions About Alternatif Bank Bonus

You may find all details about Alternatif Bank Bonus here.

How can I apply for Alternatif Bank Bonus?

You can apply for Alternatif Bank Bonus at  Alternatif Bank Branches.

How can I earn bonus with Alternatif Bank Bonus?

With Alternatif Bank Bonus, you can earn bonus when you spend in spot payments or instalments at the points of sale with VISA/MasterCard logo in Turkey and abroad.

How can I join Alternatif Bank Bonus campaigns?

You can follow our exclusive Alternatif Bank Bonus offers on the campaigns page.

How can I get my Alternatif Bank Bonus password?

Before you use your Alternatif Bank Bonus, you need to set a PIN for your card. To get your card password by SMS, you can send a message to 4055 from your registered mobile number by entering CCPASSWORD, the last 4 digits of your card and the 3-digit security code on the back. Be sure to leave a space between each. (For example: CCPASSWORD 1234 123)

Can I use Alternatif Bank Bonus as my debit card as well?

You can use Alternatif Bank Bonus as debit card, and access your current account linked to your card at all Alternatif Bank ATMs and all İş Bank ATMs.

Can I make my bill payments with Alternatif Bank Bonus?

You can make all your bill payments at Alternatif Bank Branches. You can also place an order for your automatic bill payments.

What should I do if my Alternatif Bank Bonus card is lost or stolen?

Please call our Call Centre at +90 444 00 55 immediately to report loss/stolen cards as soon as you realise that your Alternatif Bank Bonus card is lost or stolen.

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