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Shopping online is much more secure with Virtual Card!

  • Easy Application via Internet Branch
  • Secure Shopping

Alternatif Bank Virtual Card is with you for secure online shopping!

Virtual Card is a supplementary card you can use when you do not want to use your high-limit credit card for online shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Card

You may find all details about Virtual Card here.

How can I apply for Virtual Card?

You can apply for Virtual Card via Alternatif Bank Internet Branch. Virtual Card can be opened via Alternatif Bank Internet Branch or Alternatif Bank Mobile Application by the principal card holder by setting the card limit and expiry date.

Is Virtual Card safe?

Virtual Card is safe as you set your own limit and the card is not printed (physical). Since it is not a physical card, it does not involve any risk of falling into the hands of others. Virtual Card is available for online shopping only. Therefore, if you have a Virtual Card, you cannot use it in physical shopping malls, supermarkets, stores or diners, cafés and restaurants.

How can I start using my Virtual Card?

Before you start using your Virtual Card, you can increase your limit as high as you principal card limit. You can set your limit to zero once you have used your Virtual Card.

How can I track my Virtual Card activities?

You can track your Virtual Card activities instantaneously via Alternatif Bank Internet Branch. You can view your Virtual Card shopping transactions under current term transactions and in your principal card statement following your card’s statement date.

Should I use online shopping sites which do not require a security code?

As of 1 October 2001, it is mandatory for the Credit Card Security Code to be queried by online stores and checked by banks in online shopping. It has been detected that some foreign websites do not require a Security Code. For your own security, you are kindly advised not to make any transactions without security code.

I want to cancel my Virtual Card. What should I do?

You can cancel your card via Alternatif Bank Internet Branch or by contacting our Call Centre at +90 444 00 55.

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