Instalment Cash Advance

Alternatif Bank presents Instalment Cash Advance for all your cash needs!

  • Easy Application via Internet Branch
  • Favourable Payment Options?

What Is Instalment Cash Advance?

Instalment Cash Advance up to 12 Months at Alternatif Bank!

Instalment Cash Advance is a credit card campaign for your urgent cash needs which you can pay back in fixed instalments. You can use your Instalment Cash Advance free of charge and up to 12 monthly instalments.

Conditions Of Participation

  • 15% RUSF and 5% BITT apply in Instalment Cash Advance transactions.?
  • If no payment is made for Instalment Cash Advance until the payment due date or the payment made is below the instalment amount, daily current cash interest accrues on the principal instalment amount. 
  • In the event of Early Settlement and Partial Payment, the outstanding amount will be subject to daily current interest accrual. 
  • In the event of a Partial Payment, the outstanding balance is processed as a cash advance transaction in the current period, and cash advance interest accrues as of the date of this transaction. 
  • Early Settlement or Partial Payment is not permitted on the date of the Instalment Cash Advance transaction. ?
  • Instalment Cash Advance is available from TRY 500 at minimum to TRY 20,000 at maximum per transaction. The limit at Alternatif Bank ATMs is TRY 4,000. ?
  • Instalments of cash instalment transactions are included in your statement at the date given in your repayment schedule. Instalment due dates cannot be changed due to changing statement dates. 
  • Instalment Cash Advance can only be settled via our Call Centre.
  • You can withdraw Cash Advance without the instalment option.
  • As per applicable regulations, if your payment falls short of the minimum payment of your current debt by the payment due date three times within a calendar year, your card will be blocked for cash advance and limit increase until your total debt is paid; and if you repeat this payment pattern for three consecutive times within a calendar year, your card will be closed for use until your total debt is settled. 
  • You can make payments for any number of instalments which are not yet due, and restructure your outstanding debt in minimum 2 instalments or in the number of remaining instalments at maximum or pay your total debt early. In this case, interest is discounted depending on the amount paid early and the number of days.?
  • You can apply for Early Settlement at your nearest Alternatif Bank Branch or by contacting our Call Centre at +90 444 0 555.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instalment Cash Advance

You may find all details about Instalment Cash Advance here.

How can I apply for Instalment Cash Advance?

You can make your appplication via Alternatif Bank ATMs, Alternatif Bank Internet Branch or Alternatif Bank Mobile. Click here to log in to Alternatif Bank Internet Branch.

How many instalments are available in Instalment Cash Advance?

You can benefit from 2 to 12 monthly instalments in Instalment Cash Advance.

Do tax charges apply in Instalment Cash Advance?

Your Instalment Cash Advance use is subject to 15% RUSF and 5% BITT. These amounts are exclusive of the interest amount.

Do I have to pay a processing fee when I withdraw Instalment Cash Advance?

You do not pay any processing fees for withdrawing Instalment Cash Advance.

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