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Those who wish to make long-term investments in foreign currency prefer Eurobonds!

What Is Eurobond?

Eurobond is principally a long-term debt instrument issued by governments or corporations at foreign currencies in order to secure funds from international sources.

Eurobond Features

The coupon rate may be fixed or variable, which can be paid at a six-month or one-year maturity.

In Turkish Eurobonds, USD bonds pay coupons every 6 months, while EUR bonds pay coupons once a year.

They are usually issued for the long term; however, in the secondary market, they can be turned into cash without waiting for the maturity date subject to the market conditions on the date of liquidation. Earnings may exceed expectations in a market with declining interest rates, whereas higher interest rates can curb a customer’s income, and they may even lead to loss when selling.

Eurobonds are usually issued to the bearer; however, they cannot be delivered physically.

No withholding tax applies to Eurobond coupon payments. However, the investors are liable to declare their income.

You need to have a current account at Alternatif Bank in order to trade Eurobonds.

The difference between buying and selling listings depends on the liquidity and transaction volume of the issue.

Eurobonds are traded in international primary and secondary markets.

The participants of these markets include countries, companies, domestic and international banks, international funds and pension companies, and corporate and individual investors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eurobond

Here you may find frequently asked questions about Eurobond:

How can I trade Eurobonds?

You can easily trade Eurobonds using your Alternatif Bank Current Account.

Through which channels can I trade Eurobonds?

You can visit your nearest Alternatif Bank Branches or use Alternatif Bank Internet Branch or Mobil app for your trading Eurobonds.

Which hours are available for Buy/Sell transactions?

You can make Buy/Sell transactions from 10:00 to 14:00.

How often can I yield Eurobond proceeds?

Eurobond coupon payments take place every 6 months or once a year.

Do I have to pay a withholding tax on my Eurobond proceeds?

No withholding tax applies to Eurobond coupon payments. However, the investors are liable to declare their income.

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