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Cash Loans

If your business needs urgent cash, Alternatif Bank is here to assist you with favourable interest rate opportunities!

Meet the Cash Needs of Your Business with Alternatif Bank’s Cash Loans!

Commercial Cash Loans are lines of credit extended by Alternatif Bank which you can prefer to cover the cash requirements of your business and can be repaid at predetermined interest rates.

You can find below the Cash Loan that best suits your needs.

Commercial Overdraft Account

You can open your Commercial Overdraft Account Now by visiting your nearest Alternatif Bank Branch now!

Revolving Loans

Meet your short term cash needs with Revolving Loans!

Spot Loans

Apply for Spot Loans now and avoid interest fluctuations in the market!

Discount Loans

Turn your unexpired commercial bills and cheques into cash now!

Instalment Commercial Loans

Apply now for your Instalment Commercial Loan to enjoy a flexible repayment schedule!

Credit Guarantee Fund-guaranteed Loans

Meet your investment and business finance requirements with Credit Guarantee Fund’s (KGF) guaranteed loans!

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