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Revolving Loans

Meet your short term cash needs with Revolving Loans which has no term restrictions!

Your Revolving Loan is ready at Alternatif Bank to cover the short-term liabilities of your business!

Revolving Loan is a line of credit which can be borrowed to meet short-term liabilities and is subject to the Current Account Agreement provisions stipulated by The Turkish Commercial Code. Generally extended against cheques and notes, Revolving Loans both provide cash convenience to businesses and relieve their budgets.

Revolving Loan Features

  • Interests are based on market conditions.
  • Repayments take place every three months.
  • Loans can be repaid in full or partially. 
  • Loans can be borrowed at any time and amount.

Other Cash Loans

You can find below other loans you need for your business.

Spot Loans

Apply for Spot Loans now and avoid interest fluctuations in the market!

Discount Loans

Turn your unexpired commercial bills and cheques into cash now!

Instalment Commercial Loans

Apply now for your Instalment Commercial Loan to enjoy a flexible repayment schedule!

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