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Internet Branch

Using Alternatif Bank Internet Branch, you can make all your banking transactions practically and securely without going to the branch.

How can I apply for Internet Branch?

You just need to complete these 3 steps to start using Alternatif Bank Internet Branch.

  • 1

    Apply at our branches or Customer Communication Centre.

  • 2

    Wait for the password for your first login to the Internet Branch to be delivered via SMS.

  • 3

    Use the password delivered via SMS to set your own password.

Internet Branch Transactions


  • Asset/Debt Summary
  • Account Information
  • Account Activities
  • Time Deposit Account Opening
  • FX Time Deposit Account Opening
  • Time Deposit Account Closing
  • Current Account Opening
  • FX Current Account Opening
  • Gold Current Account Opening
  • VOV Account Opening
  • Mutlu Para Account Opening
  • Mutlu Para Account Information
  • Cheque Tracking
  • Cheque Image Tracking
  • Cheque Book Request

Money Transfer

  • Remittance between My Accounts
  • Remittance to Other Account
  • EFT to Account
  • EFT to Credit Card
  • Domestic Swift
  • International Swift
  • Swift Tracking
  • Future-dated Remittance Order
  • Future-dated EFT Order
  • Future-dated EFT Order to Credit Card
  • Future-dated Order Tracking/Cancellation
  • Regular Remittance Order
  • Regular EFT Order
  • Order Tracking/Cancellation
  • Import Transfer
  • Money Transfer through Document Upload
  • Viewing Money Transfer through Documentation

Investment Transactions

  • Investment Portfolio
  • Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Foreign Currency Buying
  • Foreign Currency Selling
  • Mutual Fund Transactions
  • Mutual Fund Buying
  • Mutual Fund Selling
  • Repo Transactions
  • Repo Participation
  • Gold Transactions
  • Gold Buying
  • Gold Selling
  • Gold Current Account Opening
  • Gold Time Deposit Account Opening
  • Interest Rates
  • Time Deposit Account Opening
  • Time Deposit Account Closing
  • VOV Account Opening
  • Arbitrage


  • Loan Monitoring
  • Loan Instalment Repayment

Credit Cards

  • Credit Card Information
  • Current Period Transactions
  • Pending Transactions
  • Instalment Transactions
  • Statement Information
  • Statement Date Change
  • Transaction Authority Change
  • Credit Card Standing Order Change
  • Credit Card Debt Payment
  • Cash Advance
  • Instalment Cash Advance
  • Virtual Card Generation
  • Virtual Card Cancellation
  • Virtual Card Limit Change
  • Credit Card PIN Operations
  • Temporary Card Closure/Opening

Payment/Standing Order

  • Online Bill Payments
  • Placing a Bill Payment Standing Order
  • Bill Payment Standing Order Tracking/Cancellation
  • Pre-ordered Bill Payment Tracking
  • Other Bank Credit Card Payments
  • Motor Vehicle Tax Payments
  • Traffic Fine Payments
  • SSI Payments
  • SSI Order Placement
  • SSI Payment Tracking/Cancellation
  • Donation Payments

User Operations

  • User Name Information
  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Adding/Updating an Assigned Recipient
  • Tracking/Deleting an Assigned Recipient
  • Messages/Announcements
  • Security
  • Internet Banking Password Change
  • Telephone Banking Password Operations
  • IP Restriction
  • Limit and Authority Definitions
  • Assigning Users 

Transaction Limits And Hours

You can find below our transaction limits and hours for the personal and corporate transactions that you make through the Internet Branch.

Personal Transactions

Personal Transactions Daily Transaction Limit Transaction Times
Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Beginning End
EFT 1 TL 500.000 TL 08:00 17:15
FAST 1 TL 40.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Remittance 0,01 TL 500.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Other Alternatif Card Payment 0,01 TL 50.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Foreign Currency Buying 0,01 TL 1.500.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Foreign Currency Selling 0,01 TL 1.500.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Gold Buying 0,01 TL 200.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Gold Selling 0,01 TL 200.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Liquid Fund Buying 0,01 TL 1.000.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Liquid Fund Selling 0,01 TL 1.000.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Tefas Fund Buying Order 0,01 TL 1.000.000 TL 09:00 13:30
Tefas Fund Selling Order 0,01 TL 1.000.000 TL 09:00 15:20
Repo 1.000 TL 200.000 TL 09:00 13:30
Domestic Swift Orders 50 TL 500.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
International Swift Orders 50 TL 500.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours
Time Deposit Account Opening 1.000 TL 3.000.000 TL 09:00 17:00
Cash Advance 20 TL 100.000 TL 24 Hours 24 Hours

Corporate Transactions

Corporate BranchDaily Transaction LimitsTransaction Times
Minimum LimitMaximum LimitBeginningEnd
EFT1 TL500.000 TL08:0017:15
FAST1 TL60.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Remittance0,01 TL1.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Other Alternatif Card Payment
0,01 TL1.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Foreign Currency Buying 0,01 TL1.500.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Foreign Currency Selling0,01 TL1.500.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Gold Buying0,01 TL200.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Gold Selling0,01 TL200.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Liquid Fund Buying0,01 TL10.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Liquid Fund Selling0,01 TL10.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Tefas Fund Buying Order 0,01 TL10.000.000 TL09:0013:30
Tefas Fund Selling Order0,01 TL10.000.000 TL09:0015:20
Repo Participation1.000 TL1.000.000 TL09:0013:30
Domestic Swift Orders50 TL550.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
International Swift Orders 50 TL550.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Time Deposit Account Opening 1.000 TL5.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Cash Advance20,00 TL100.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Social Security Institution Payments 0,01 TL1.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Tax Payments0,01 TL10.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours
Bill Payments0,01 TL1.000.000 TL24 Hours24 Hours

*The value date of the Time Deposit Accounts opened by our Corporate Banking customers and Time Deposit Accounts opened by our Affluent Banking customers after 17:00 is the following business day.**The value date for Swift orders in USD and EUR is set to 1 day later at the latest, and 2 days later for other currencies.***TEFAS funds cannot be traded within pricing hours.****Liquif funds cannot be bought from 13:30 to 18:30.


Alternatif Bank Security Features

Alternatif Bank Online Banking offers highest security for customers with the following specifications:
SSL 256 Bit Encryption: Alternatif Bank Online Banking is protected with an SSL 3.0, 256 bit encryption system. This system establishes a secure line between your computer and the banking system. Widely used throughout the world, the security system keeps your information and accounts safe. 
Virtual Keyboard: A security application that defuses malicious programs such as “Screenlogger” and “Keylogger” that are used to steal online banking passwords. 
Last Successful/Unsuccessful Attempt Display: It allows you to check any unauthorized login attempts by showing the login date and time in Online Banking.
SMS Password: Security password sent to your mobile phone to request a second approval for added security in transactions such as EFT/Money transfers or updating security settings on Online Banking. 
Password Device: Similarly to SMS, the device generates the security password sent to your mobile phone to request a second approval for added security in transactions such as EFT/Money transfers or updating security settings on Online Banking.
Automatic Logoff: Alternatif Bank Online Banking session is logged off after six minutes of inactivity to prevent unauthorized use when you leave it unattended without logging off securely. 
Money Transfer Notification: You receive email and SMS notifications about the amounts sent from your account within certain limits. 
Use for Viewing Purposes: You can use the Alternatif Bank Online Banking just for viewing purposes without performing any transactions.
Last Five Transactions Summary: Your last five successful transactions are listed on the main page for you to check.

Online Banking Personal Security Settings

In addition to Alternatif Bank’s security measures, you can also define your personal security settings within Online Banking.
Password Update: You can update your Online Banking password anytime you wish in this menu. 
IP Restriction: If you like, you can identify three different IP addresses for the computer you use to log into Online Banking, so that your login will be limited with registered IPs.
Limit and Authorization Setting: You can use this menu to set authorization for using accounts or transactions, and put daily/monthly transaction limits. Customers using these security settings may contact their branches to remove limit and authorization definitions.

Fraud Methods and Protection

Important Warnings about Online Banking
  • Alternatif Bank does not request your personal identification or credit card information via SMS or email. Please disregard any links to fake web sites and messages that try to obtain your credit card information. Alternatif Bank does not request you to enter your credit card information when making payments such as bills, utility bills, or GSM top-up. 
  • Alternatif Bank never asks for T.R. Identity No. and/or information like mobile telephone brand or model when logging into Online Banking. Do not enter any information on any pop-up screen.
  • Make sure to type in when logging into Online Banking.
  • Please carefully read the security notifications sent to you by Alternatif Bank and follow-up the current information on the security page.
Important Mobil Banking Warnings
  • The Alternatif Bank Digital Mobil Banking application is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store application markets.
  • To be protected against malicious applications, make sure to uncheck the “non-market application download” option in the device settings.
  • Never download anything through a link sent to your device except from Apple Store or Google Play Store.
Customers Must Take the Following Measures
  • Do not log into Online Banking at places such as internet cafes where computers and internet access are shared. 
  • Do not set passwords that are easy to guess such as names or date of birth of your kin, favorite team, special days or dates, or telephone numbers. Also, for security reasons, do not use the same password everywhere.
  • Do not write down any of your passwords anywhere or share them with anyone. Do not save your passwords on your computer or browser. 
  • Make sure to use virtual keyboard when logging into Online Banking.
  • Do not use copied or unlicensed software on computers or devices used for access, and opt for current versions of software. 
  • Keep the operating system and web browser up to date. Keep track of software developer’s updates and perform regular updates so as to ensure protection and smooth working of the computer.
  • Use licensed and updated “Anti-Virus” software on computers and mobile phones.
  • Use Firewall and keep these software actively working on your computer. Firewall software can prevent unauthorized access to the computer.
  • Do not use automatic identification function on your web browser. This function keeps all information, including the previously entered passwords. For security reasons, it must be inactivated.



  • Files downloaded by internet browsers must be cleaned often. When you enter certain websites, applications and small software embedded to these sites collect information on the visiting person. Collected information are stored on a file with .txt extension. These files are called “Cookies,” or Identification Information. Cookie files store information on the websites visited and on the forms filled out on these web sites. Cookies can’t be used to spread a virus. However, they make it easier for your information to fall into the hands of people with malicious intent. Also, when you visit a website, certain unnecessary files are stored in the “Temporary Internet Files” folder. Perform the following steps to delete the files and Cookies, which may contain sensitive information. This operation is called “Cache” cleaning.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools – Internet Options – Browsing History menu; select all option in the pop-up menu and click on the “delete” button to remove all history.

For Google Chrome:


  • Go to Settings – History – Clear Browsing Data; in the pop-up menu, click on “the beginning of” and then on the “Clear browsing data” button.
  • Additionally, the level of security must always be set to maximum. Inactivating the automatic form filling and password saving options will ensure safer browsing. 
  • When you visit Online Banking, check your last account activities and credit card spending. In the event of any unusual activity call Alternatif Bank Call Center on 444 00 55 / 0850 225 00 55.
  • Delete without opening any emails you receive from people you don’t know. Even if the emails are from people you know, do not open unsafe files in the attachment.
  • If you are using an ADSL modem to access the internet, you need to replace the default password to one that is difficult to figure out. You must also set a complex password for the wireless network of this modem.
  • It is critical to ensure the security of the computer you access Online Banking. When you are using Online Banking, do not leave your computer unattended and ensure that any other users of your computer are paying utmost attention to security. If your internet connection is cut off, make sure to stay by your computer until you close the Online Banking screen.
  • Use only secure wireless networks when logging into Internet Branch or Mobile Branch. 
  • Log out from Alternatif Bank Online Banking by making sure to click the “Secure Logout” button.
  • Do not give you your mobile phone to others while the Alternatif Bank Digital application is open and make sure to click the “Secure Logout” button to log out.

Some Malicious Software and Attack Types

Trojan Horse: Useful or interesting-looking software that harms your computer when installed and opened. They can be hidden inside a harmless program such as games or software that provide instant information. They can also be made to look like something else. Harmful codes become activated after an email or attachment containing a Trojan Horse is opened. They are extremely difficult to detect, and usually infect computers through emails. They can also be hidden in many other places such as CDs, DVDs, and .jpg, .gif, .txt, .doc and .xls files in email attachments, and application files with extension ”.exe” in computer games. 

Keyloggers and Screenloggers: Keylogger software instantaneously copy and record keyboard strokes on the computer to be sent to hackers via email. These programs can record everything that is typed in with the keyboard. Obtained records are stored in text file with “.txt” extension. By their nature, they can be used to capture the victims’ passwords and private correspondence. Screenloggers are programs that save screen shots and send them to the attacker via email. With captured screen shots, the user’s actions and where the passwords are entered can be seen easily. Keyloggers and screenloggers work as components that complement each other in fraudulent actions.

iSpyNow, Perfect Keylogger, and Phantom are some these malicious software. Parents can also install them on computers to prevent their children from visiting harmful sites and to create a tracking system. 

Hackers can install malicious keyloggers into insufficiently protected computers that are open to remote control. Users can also inadvertently install keyloggers through different methods such as games, emails, and so on. When Online Banking is accessed from a computer into which a keylogger program has been installed, hackers can obtain all the information on that computer. 

There are also “Trojans” that record screen shots as moving images like a film, rather than images, to provide access to all saved information on the computer. These types of programs are very likely to be found on insufficiently protected computers which are used by a lot of people in public places such as internet cafes. 

Phishing: A type of attack that aims to obtain someone’s sensitive information such as pin, password, customer number, user name, credit card number, and so on. It is the most common fraud method used on the internet. Online phishing actions can obtain information such as credit card number, debit/ATM card number, CVV2, pin and passwords, account numbers, and user code and password used to log into Online Banking, date of birth, and identification card information.

Phishing attacks involve the spread of fake emails that are seemingly sent from financial institutions and organizations, government agencies, or retail companies via the internet with a supposedly urgent or critical subject. 

The subject line of the email can be updating customer information or changing password, and they can contain links to the related institutions’ identical-looking web pages. These emails give the impression that it is the institution officialy asking for the persons’ pin, password, customer number, user name, credit card number, or codes. People click on the links provided in these emails and enter personal information on the screen without realizing they are fake, and as a result, get their personal information stolen.

Security Announcements by the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB)

Detailed information on security is available from the following links.

Information On The Protection of Personel Data

Our priority is to protect the personal data provided to Alternatif Bank. We process and protect personal data by taking every physical and electronic security measure in compliance with the rules and practices provided under the law and in accordance with the applicable legislation. According to the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (the “Law”), “Alternatif Bank” may process personal data to the extent permitted by the Law and the applicable legislation for the purposes, legal grounds and conditions detailed below.

Purposes and legal grounds of processing personal data:
  • Alternatif Bank may process the obtained personal data to provide products and services within the scope of banking and other applicable legislation; to identify the transaction party's identity, address and other required information; to issue all kinds of records and documents underlying electronic (SWIFT, internet / mobile banking, etc.) or non-electronic transactions; to comply with legal and international obligations arising out of banking and other applicable legislation and with the internal regulations of Alternatif Bank to the extent that they are compatible with the applicable legislation; to perform the obligations arising from the executed agreements and to carry out our legitimate interests, such as security or prevention of a crime.
  • In addition to the above, the following are among our purposes of processing personal data: identifying you during your website visits in order to facilitate and personalize your experience, replying to your requests, identifying and providing the relevant information and benefits for the account, and informing you on our products and services.
Persons/entities to whom your personal data may be transferred:
Entities that are legally authorized to request information; Alternatif Bank companies including local/foreign and other third parties from whom we purchase services and with whom we cooperate to carry out our services and activities.
Personal data collection method:
Alternatif Bank may collect personal data verbally, in writing or via electronic media through channels such as the Headquarters, branches, ATMs, online banking and call centers.
Your rights under the Law:
  • You have the right to determine how your personal data will be processed while using our products and services. Accordingly, starting from October 7, 2016, by applying to our Bank in writing, you have the right to;
  • Learn whether your personal data being processed or not;
  • Request information in regards to processing, if it is processed;
  • Learn the purposes of the processing and whether they are used for such purposes or not;
  • Know the third parties within or outside the country to whom the personal data are transferred;
  • Request correction of the personal data if the data is processed incompletely or inaccurately;
  • Request deletion or destruction of the personal data when the purposes for processing personal data no longer exists or when Alternatif Bank does not have any legal grounds to process such data;
  • Request from Alternatif Bank to notify third parties authorized by Alternatif Bank who process personal data to take measures to perform your rights under this section;
  • Object to negative consequences about you that are concluded as a result of analysis of the processed personal data by solely automatic means
  • Request indemnification if the data subject suffered damage because of the illegal processing of your personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Branch

Here you may find frequently asked questions about Alternatif Bank Internet Branch:

Can I make an EFT every hour of the day through Alternatif Bank Internet Branch?

You can make your EFT transactions every business day from 08:00 to 17:15 through Alternatif Bank Internet Branch. You can place a standing EFT order for the next business day or for a later date.

Do I have to go to a branch to become an Alternatif Bank customer?

You do not need to go to a branch to become an Alternatif Bank customer. You can quickly and easily become an Alternatif Bank customer at

Who can use Alternatif Bank Internet Branch?

If you are not a customer but want to use the Internet branch, you can use this service via Alternatif Bank Branches or by calling the Customer Contact Center.

Is there a procedure that I should follow for using Alternatif Bank Internet Branch?

In order to use the Alternatif Bank Internet Branch, simply call the Customer Contact Center or complete the application process from Alternatif Bank branches.

How can I know if my transaction has taken effect or not in case my computer breaks down, shuts down or I lose internet connectivity for a reason when making a transaction through Alternatif Bank Internet Branch?

You can call the Call Centre at +90 444 00 55 for detailed information. Moreover, you can view all account activities processed through Alternatif Bank Internet Branch.

Can I see the details of the transactions that I have made through Alternatif Bank Internet Branch in my transaction details instantaneously?

In Alternatif Bank Internet branch, you can see your transactions in the account transactions section and your credit card transactions in the provision Section.

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