Derivatives Market (VIOP)

You can trade in VIOP easily through Alternatif Yatırım!

What Is VIOP?

Derivatives Market (VIOP) contracts entail an obligation to buy or sell a commodity, precious metal, financial indicator, capital markets instrument or foreign currency at a pre-set price, amount, and quality at a certain maturity.

VIOP Features

The quality, amount and term of the asset to be traded in VIOP contracts are standardised.

VIOP contracts are traded in an organised market. The margin system through the Derivatives Market in Turkey (VIOP) is under the guarantee of Takasbank. In order to trade, you need to invest the required margins established per contract.

VIOP contracts can be traded until maturity. The settlement method of single stock futures and single stock options contracts on expiry date is physical delivery, and in other futures contracts, the method is cash settlement on expiry date.

Profits and losses are calculated and deposited in the respective account on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Derivatives Market (VIOP)

Here you may find frequently asked questions about Derivatives Market (VIOP).

What is VIOP?

VIOP is the abbreviation for the market in which futures and options contracts are traded under Borsa İstanbul.

What kind of margins should I have for trading in VIOP via the Internet Branch?

You need to have invested the margins established by the Derivatives Market for trading in VIOP via Alternatif Bank Internet Branches.

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