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Every moment of your life is unique with Private Banking!

A brand-new banking experience: Alternatif Bank Private Banking

 0850 205 11 55

We offer a brand-new banking experience to our customers who make unique choices with Alternatif Bank Private Banking. 

If you would like to meet Alternatif Bank Private Banking, you can visit the nearest Alternatif Bank Branch or call the renewed Private Banking communication line for detailed information.

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Discover our exclusive services of private banking!

Alternatif Bank Private Banking. Every moment of you life is unique.

Alternatif Bank Private Banking Privileges

Products and Services

Diners Club Card

Step into a World Full of Privileges with Diners Club!

Exclusive Relationship Manager

A fast and privileged telephone banking experience awaits you with the communication line at 0850 205 11 55

Safe Deposit Box

Your exclusive safe deposit box is at your branch with Alternatif Bank Private Banking!

Priority in Transactions

Skip the line at Alternatif Bank Branches and Customer Communication Centre.

Funds Transfer

Have the privilege of providing Cash Transfer to your branch safely and free of charge at any time!

TRY 10.000 Cash Withdrawal Limit

Withdraw cash up to TRY 10.000 daily at Alternatif Bank and other affiliated bank ATMs.

EFT – Remittance at Internet and Mobile Channels

Make your limitless EFT and Remittance transactions both at Alternatif Bank Internet Branch and Alternatif Bank Mobile!

Insurance Consultancy

You are safe with your private insurance consultants.


Mortgage you need with different payment options and products is in Private Banking with special interest rates for you.

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Yuvam Account

Your money that you transfer from abroad to Turkey maintains its value in TL with the Turkish Central Bank’s assurance. 


Zorlu PSM Box

See Zorlu PSM shows with the exclusive box comfort of Alternatif Bank Private Banking.

Investment Consulting Service

Exclusive asset management and investment services are at Alternatif Bank Private Banking!

Finance Events

Get free entrance to private events with Private Banking!

Investment Products

Choose the best investment product for your needs to make good use of your savings with expert investment consultancy at Alternatif Bank!

Mutual Funds

Boost your profits with Mutual Funds!


Bring flexibility to your investments in fast-changing financial markets!

Treasury Bills/Government Bonds

Earn secure and fixed income through medium to long-term investments!


Those who wish to make long-term foreign currency investments choose Eurobond!

Derivatives Market (VIOP)

Trade in VIOP with ease through Alternatif Yatırım!

Alternatif Bank Mobile Has Been Renewed!

You can download the renewed Alternatif Bank Mobile to your device via the App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

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Alternatif Bank Mobile App
Download Now

You can download the Alternatif Bank Mobile application right away by scanning the QR code.

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Alternatif Bank Mobile App
Download Now

You can download the Alternatif Bank Mobile application right away by scanning the QR code.

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